Insecurity is not god.
Nothingness is not god.
Denial of self,
Forfeit of needs,
Sacrificial acts,
Getting clean,
Speaking about your interpretation of a book written by men,
Not god.
Not understanding the functions of the mind is not the same as understanding god.
Telling someone that your chosen deity loves them is not god, and does not earn you favor, nor prevent bad things from happening to you.
When you realize that your deity looks a lot like you is not god, and further does not get you any closer to god.
God is not a trinket, a word, luck, lottery numbers, nor near misses.
God does not win football games.
God does not favor those who believe they are chosen.
God does not keep score.
God does not write books.
Seeking pity is not god, nor encourages divine intervention.
God can not be manipulated; trying does not make you god.
God is not an epiphany, nor the cause or result of an epiphany.