Sinister Lighting
Philips, OSRAM, and a few other companies have intelligent lighting systems now. What it consists of is a hub (specialized to the lighting mfr.) which plugs into the power, and then special bulbs capable of displaying 64,000 colors. I've got an app on my phone that I can use to change the lighting colors real-time. I can even set the lights to fade from different colors at a variable speed into other colors. The lights are intelligent in that they can be used to indicate volume level by fading their color into yellows or reds for louder audio. The idea is to manufacture an intelligent lighting system tied to a game or series of games. Once it's done, there would likely be competition between companies to be the provider of intelligent lighting for company a's games.
The point of it all is this: You're playing a psychological horror themed game. You have gotten to the room where a necessary objective can be completed, though questions of character morality cause you to hesitate. The lights go out, in the room where you're playing the game, but the game continues. The intelligent lighting mimics the flickering glow of the candles on the table, in the game. I think for maximum effect, it should be used sparingly, only at extreme moments of different games. You're playing a game show, and upon winning the first round, the lights in your room begin to alternate yellow and blue, just like those on the stage in the 3D environment where the character currently stands. This would create a gaming experience like none the world has yet seen. We'll see it.