Crazyskills [BASE!]

[BASE!] is a crazyskills labs experiment displaying poetry, fiction, and nonfiction of our community. This space is not a catch-all for everything everyone's ever written, but rather a carefully selected offering of works which the authors find particular for one reason or another. We think of relevant work as eccentric, yet purposeful. This crazyskills lab is propped up by a small team of engineers with plenty else to do. At present, we're looking for just a few particularly exceptional human persons who share a similar dream in writing, in practice, or in spirit. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of in any way, please send an email to one of the contacts listed. We're excited to hear from you. From the start, this is entirely a voluntary project, though there may be financial opportunity through this work in the future. Thank you for being here! I am energized by what I anticipate in us working together.

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